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Logistics for Non-Profits

A Trusted Shipping Partner for Your Non-Profit

Our Non-Profit Expertise is Yours

Your non-profit’s mission isn’t just important, it’s vital. Every day, people depend on you for life-changing outcomes and are thankful that you exist.

But right now, you have to ship products that are essential to your work, and you don’t know how you are going to get them to where they need to go. We can take the burden of supply chain and logistics off your plate, and find the best solutions for your project. We specialize in helping non-profits because we believe your work matters.

When you think about shipping your products, are you?

  • Confused about where to start?
  • Unsure that you can find a trustworthy partner?
  • Afraid that your charity’s budget is too small?

What if it were possible to find a supply chain partner who had successfully worked with other non-profits before? What if they also shared your desire for social impact?

Imagine what it would feel like to go from nervous and skeptical to relieved (and even excited).

When you work with Vector Global Logistics, you will receive:

  • A passionate team that believes in your mission, and thrives on seeing non-profits succeed.
  • A partner who can handle the rules and regulations, allowing you to focus on what you do best.
  • Careful consideration of your unique needs, timetable, and finances, so that you can maximize your impact.

When you work with us on your upcoming shipment, you can expect:

  • One project manager in charge of coordinating every moving part and communicating with you and your team at all times
  • Exceptional service with 24/7 availability to our team (we take the time and space component out of the equation)
  • Access to our network of more than 150 agents around the world
  • Certain benefits and advantages that come from selecting a minority-owned supplier

Non-profits all over the world trust us not only to deliver their goods, but deliver on our promises. We will walk you through the entire process, keep you informed every step of the way, and treat your products like our own. We put ourselves in your shoes and always act in your best interest. Plus, you will make an even bigger impact because every shipment gives back to those in need.

We Currently Ship Containers
for These Worthy Causes

Ready to solve your problem?

Just think of the difference you could make today by not waiting until tomorrow.

What do our clients say?

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Non-Profit Expertise

I have been working with Vector since our company has transitioned to a new freight forwarder a year ago. Transitions often create difficulties due to onboarding new procedures, developing new business relationships and generating new B2B Operations cadence. Vector made this transition smooth due to their super communication skills and dedication to our Account. I have been very impressed with our developing relationship where we both modify our practices to evolve a better working relationship that benefits both parties.

Non-Profit Expertise
— Zachary
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Non-Profit Expertise

Vector is very professional, always a pleasure to work with, always quick to respond and willing to help out in any way.

Non-Profit Expertise
— Katelyn
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Non-Profit Expertise

In working with Vector Global Logistics for the past six months, I have found the team to be courteous, professional, and very responsive. Even when unforeseen issues arise with customs or at a shipment’s destination, Vector promptly researches those issues and provides updates in a timely manner.

Non-Profit Expertise
— Angie
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Non-Profit Expertise

Vector Global is the broker for shipments coming from our Malaysia facility to the States. When I am in need of ETA for a container, I email them with the pertinent information. They have always returned my emails in a timely matter with the information I need. This is very important, as I am the customer service representative and it is critical that I get shipment information to my customers.

Non-Profit Expertise
— Pamela
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Non-Profit Expertise

My father is very excited and one step closer to his dream, to establish a hospital with cardiac surgery services. Many thanks to Vector, who so tirelessly and generously worked around the clock to make this happen. God bless you all and reward you for each patient who gets healed in this hospital.

Non-Profit Expertise
— Mike
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Non-Profit Expertise

Vector really helped us in a bind when others couldn’t obtain quick bookings.

Non-Profit Expertise
— Non-profit shipping medical supplies
Non-Profit Expertise
Non-Profit Expertise

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