Your Cost-Effective Shipping Partner for Asia, Africa, and the Middle East

Complex Regions are Within Reach

Your business spans the globe, and as an expert in your field, you take that responsibility seriously. You are often an example for others to follow.

The only problem is that you need to ship to complex regions, and aren’t sure the best way to do that, or have experienced issues in the past. You need a supply chain partner who can manage your requirements and expectations, and who has a proven track record of success. We can get the job done, so that you can get back to business.

When you think about your current needs, are you:

  • Discouraged by what’s happened before?
  • Uneasy about testing a new logistics and supply chain company, or the industry in general?
  • Hesitant that you will find good options to meet your standards, schedule, and budget?

Even if you’ve had problems shipping to Asia, Africa, or the Middle East in the past, it is possible to find a partner that can give you the results you want. Imagine replacing your low expectations with high hopes—and having them pay off.

By working with Vector Global Logistics, you can expect:

  • Clarity in how to safely and efficiently ship your products internationally.
  • An optimized and streamlined process that removes the guesswork and difficulty from shipping, which you may be experiencing now.
  • A knowledgeable team dedicated to innovative solutions that give you a better ROI for your time and money.

You are playing on the world’s stage, and both the risks and rewards are high. You have a reputation to uphold, a pack to lead, and a precedent to set.

To take this next step, you need a third-party logistics company who can both adapt to, and anticipate, your needs. Like you, we’re in the habit of setting benchmarks and raising bars. The supply chain is complex, but we factor it all in as a whole to get your products in the hands of those who need them.

At Vector Global Logistics, we have been changing the world through supply chain for over a decade. Our unique, results-based culture is relationship-focused and dedicated to providing creative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for amazing clients like you. We carefully ship the products you care about from point A to point B, while also making a positive impact on our global community.

When you ship to complex regions with us, you receive:

  • One single point of contact in charge of coordinating every moving part and communicating with you
  • Exceptional service with 24/7 availability to our team (we take the time and space component out of the equation)
  • Access to our network of more than 150 agents around the world
  • Certain benefits and advantages that come from selecting a minority-owned supplier

Our clients return to us again and again because we are proactive, keep you informed every step of the way, and treat your products like our own. We put ourselves in your shoes and always act in your best interest. You can also feel good knowing that every shipment gives back to those in need.

Ready to uncomplicate your situation?

Stay ahead of your competition and do some good at the same time.

What do our clients say?

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Complex Regions

Vector Global has been a true partner for us, not only helping with core shipments, but also taking a genuine interest in our work.

Complex Regions
— Jonathan
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Complex Regions

He tenido la oportunidad de trabajar con VGL por ya casi un año y durante este tiempo, jamás he presentado problemas operacionales y/o administrativos. Al tener un Customer Service 24/7 siempre estoy seguro que mi embarque estará siendo monitoreado y en caso de presentarse algún inconveniente, se me estará notificando en ese momento, sin necesidad de que yo tenga que dar seguimiento. En lo personal los considero mi opción #1 para movimientos aéreos.

Complex Regions
— Cliente Mexicano
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Complex Regions

We have enjoyed working with Vector Global Logistics for a number of years now. They are our premier shipper for our cargo going to Africa. In our experience, Vector provides outstanding service and very competitive pricing. We have found them easy to work with and, in a spirit of true partnership, understanding of special needs and situations that may arise from time to time. We view them as an integral part of our operation and find they add value to what we do.

Complex Regions
— US Customer
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Complex Regions

Working with Vector Global Logistics for over four years now has been an absolute pleasure for our company. There always seems to be not only one, but many Vector employees available to assist with any quotes or issues. These employees are always upbeat, excited and dedicated about their work and the logistics industry and, in turn, encourages our company to mirror this approach to logistics! We will be working with Vector Global Logistics for many years to come and recommend them to any business looking to create a more sharp and efficient supply chain!

Complex Regions
— US Customer
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Complex Regions

Vector is consummate professional. All communications are prompt and concise while providing a high level of customer support. My interactions with Vector have been friendly and professional and they go the extra mile to get the job done and provide the best information to the customer.

Complex Regions
— Dan
Complex Regions
Complex Regions

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Complex Regions