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Execute a Successful Trade Show That Produces ROI

If you’ve exhibited at a trade show or special event for your industry, you know the dread and headache of show freight and special event shipping.


Your company’s appearance at a trade show or special event is an opportunity for your brand to shine. It’s your chance to create a meaningful and memorable experience that produces real value and results that contribute to your bottom line.


However, the stakes can be high and mistakes in your booth or product display can be costly. Lack of experience, uncertainty, budget constraints, and condensed timelines can threaten your ability to “Wow” your audience (and your boss). Attention to detail is key, and you need a partner who has been in your shoes and understands your show freight and special event shipping challenges. We can walk with you every step of the way and support you in delivering an unforgettable trade show experience without compromising on quality and budget.

Show Freight and Special Event Shipping is Manageable

When you think about exhibiting at your next trade show or participating in an upcoming special event, are you:

  • Overwhelmed by all the details you need to manage?
  • Frustrated by not having enough manpower to produce the desired results?
  • Feeling insecure about your own lack of knowledge or experience?
  • Discouraged by the past failures of your shipping provider?

Attending a show is a significant investment you make to maintain a market presence and find new business opportunities. What would it be like to have a shipping partner that lowered your stress and increased your potential for success?


When you work with Vector Global Logistics, you will:

  • Feel a sense of pride in what you accomplished and be more confident for the next event or trade show.
  • Find a show freight partner who will not leave you on your own, praying that everything goes smoothly.
  • Be seen as the go-to event coordinator in your company, and one that advances the industry through innovation and results.

Show Freight Requires Specialized Service

You have a brand and mission that deserves to be seen by more people, and events are a terrific way to showcase your products and services to a targeted audience. Show freight and special event shipping should only enhance your tradeshow goals.


To make the most of a trade show or special event, you need a professional, boutique logistics partner who wants to not only help you show up—but stand out. Show freight is a specialized service and you should have a team that has the experience and ability to execute it with excellence.


At Vector Global Logistics, we have been changing the world through supply chain for over a decade. Our unique, results-based culture is relationship-focused and dedicated to providing creative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for amazing clients like you. We carefully ship the products you care about from point A to point B, while also making a positive impact on our global community.

Special Event Shipping Requires Excellence

By choosing to ship your show freight with us, you receive:

  • Excellent service, fair rates, and reliability to give you confidence and peace of mind from pre-planning to post-event wrap-up.
  • A skilled team that can act as an extension of your company to create a smooth, integrated process.
  • Personalized attention to detail and rigorous follow-up to ensure that everything arrives on target and in-budget.
  • Answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask so that you have information and creative solutions you need to do your job well.
  • The ability to offset your carbon, increasing your company’s sustainability efforts and keeping your promise to your stakeholders.
  • A one-stop-shop for your trade show and special event shipping needs who is flexible and dedicated to getting you the results you want.

Additionally, here’s our promise to you: If we get it wrong, we’ll make it right. You won’t pay for our mistakes. It’s not easy to work with someone new, and we don’t want you to worry about being taken advantage of by Vector. We don’t want to just earn your business, but earn your trust.


Our clients return to us again and again because we are proactive, keep you informed every step of the way, and treat your products like our own. We put ourselves in your shoes and always act in your best interest. You can also feel good knowing that every shipment gives back to those in need.

Your Show Freight Partner

Your project should be handled by a logistics team who has been in your event coordinating shoes.


We have been there and done that—from event planning and procurement management to dock operations and show site logistics—and don’t just understand your challenges, but empathize with them.


There’s never enough time.
There’s never enough money.
There’s never enough staff.


Plus, what do you do with everything once the event is over?


Trade shows and special events can be part of the plan to take your company to the next level, but only if they are a success.


You could continue to work with an inexperienced team or choose the cheapest provider, but why risk your revenue and reputation?


Let us walk beside you through the entire show freight process to avoid stress, confusion, delays, and of course, unnecessary (and sometimes exorbitant) costs. Vector takes a hands-on approach to every shipment we manage, and together, we can improve your outcomes and help safeguard your investment.

Want to be the star of your next trade show?

Don’t just show up—stand out.

What do our clients say?

Show Freight and Event Shipping

Vector Global has been a true partner for us, not only helping with core shipments, but also taking a genuine interest in our work.

Show Freight and Event Shipping
— Jonathan
Manufacturing client
Show Freight and Event Shipping

I would like to give my sincere thanks for your kind support of us so far. We think your services have really helped us a lot in exporting our shipments. I hope we can support each other and work together for a long time. Thank you very much!

Show Freight and Event Shipping
—Manufacturing client
US Customer
Show Freight and Event Shipping

Vector is always there at the right time. Working with Vector Global logistics is the best thing. Speed, determination, know-how and above all, real-time route information are assets of your company. I am more than satisfied with your service. Excuse me for my very limited English to express the joy of working with your company and especially the speed of customer service. From now on we want all of our containers coming to my country sent via Vector Global.

Show Freight and Event Shipping
— US Customer
Show Freight and Event Shipping

Ser nuevo en una empresa y conocer su operación en ocasiones no es fácil, pero desde un inicio el equipo de Vector se mostró abierto y colaborativo, se interesaron en tener una conversación directa para conocerme y ganar confianza entre las dos partes, cualquier duda o pregunta siempre fue respondida y han sido un gran apoyo para el cargo que desempeño.

Show Freight and Event Shipping
— David
Show Freight and Event Shipping

Vector is very professional, always a pleasure to work with, always quick to respond and willing to help out in any way.

Show Freight and Event Shipping
— Katelyn
Show Freight and Event Shipping

Vector Global Logistics handles all of our freight and logistic needs. Anything from small loads on crates within the US, to long overseas full container loads. They are the best in the business, and we wouldn’t be as successful as we are without them. They are a respectful, hardworking, efficient group that not only takes care of us, but they also take care of our customers and that goes a long way. Thanks for everything the Vector team does!

Show Freight and Event Shipping
— Austin
Show Freight and Event Shipping
Show Freight and Event Shipping