Carbon Offsets are Easy, Affordable, and Impactful

A More Sustainable Supply Chain Benefits Everyone

Your organization can be a part of protecting the planet. Everyone has a role to play in solving the climate change crisis, and we are thrilled to give you another opportunity to further your sustainability goals. Whether you are just starting your environmental journey or are a leader in your industry, you can make a bigger difference with every shipment.

Consider Both Practical and Social Implications

  • The Environmental Protection Agency states that the entire transportation industry makes up around 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions with nearly all (95%) of that energy coming from petroleum-based fuels such as gasoline and diesel. (Source)
  • According to a May 2021 Stifel Survey, 83% of consumers believe it is important for brands to act sustainably, 67% of customers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands, 71% report caring more about buying sustainable products now than they did a year ago and nearly half have either boycotted or stopped buying a brand or product specifically because of sustainability concerns. (Source)

We Partnered with ClimeCo

We chose ClimeCo as our partner in this initiative because they are leading the fight against climate change, and making it easy and affordable for any individual, business, or organization to reduce and offset their climate impact and hasten the transition to a clean energy future.

  • Founded in 2003, they were among the first carbon offset programs globally.
  • They are leading US climate change solutions as a 501c3 non-profit.
  • They have a Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency and a 100 rating on Charity Navigator.
  • They have over 3,300 global business partners who are supporting a clean energy future.
  • Every project they work with is third-party validated and verified to meet the highest standards.

Take the Next Step to Reduce Your Footprint

Getting started with our carbon offset program is simple:
  • Tell your sales contact that you’re interested.
  • Offset pricing will be included in your next quote.
  • You decide if you’d like to move forward.
  • You receive a certificate for each shipment that you can use in your sustainability or social impact report.

Join the “Logistics with Purpose” Movement

One of the Vector team’s primary values is “logistics with purpose” and for every shipment we move, non-profits are supported, such as donating meals through SERV International. This means that you automatically increase your social impact.

By now taking advantage of carbon offsets, you can take it one step further to meet your sustainability goals, reduce your environmental footprint, and contribute to a supply chain that protects the planet.

It is our hope that you will join us on this important journey, not just because of corporate social responsibility or public pressure, but because it is the right thing to do.

We all share this planet and look forward to partnering with you so that we can all enjoy it as long as possible.

Though carbon offsets is the first environmental service being offered to clients, the team is already planning for additional options in 2023.

Sustainability + Supply Chain

Contact your sales representative or our sales department to add carbon offsets to your shipments.

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Climate Solutions

At Vector, we believe that a few caring people can and will change the world. And the truth is, we only have one world to share. So, we are compelled to make clean, sustainable shipping a reality. Doing the right thing is a must, and there’s no time to waste. Together, we can make a difference both now and for generations to come.

Climate Solutions
— Enrique Alvarez, CEO
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