Logistics With Purpose: Laura Cyrus with Truckers Against Trafficking

Logistics With Purpose: Laura Cyrus with Truckers Against Trafficking

“Nobody is born an optimist or a pessimist. It’s actually a choice that all of us make on a daily basis. Some days it’s easier to choose optimism and some days it’s not, but we have a choice as to how we react to our environment.”

– Laura Cyrus, Director of Corporate Engagement at Truckers Against Trafficking

Many of us have a career path that is long and winding. How we see each of those twists and turns – as a setback or an opportunity – often determines how successful we will be at the end of the journey.

Laura Cyrus followed a particularly windy path to get to Truckers Against Trafficking, a 501(c)3 organization that exists to educate, equip, empower, and mobilize members of the trucking, bus and energy industries to combat human trafficking. She picked up web skills and voiceover experience in different positions that she now leverages for a whole new reason.

In this conversation, Laura tells Supply Chain Now Host Enrique Alvarez:

· How new graduates or job seekers ‘take inventory’ of seemingly random professional experiences into a capability profile that will help them find their next role

· Why drivers and other members of the supply chain / trucking industry are uniquely positioned to combat human trafficking – if they are properly trained

· Some of the best (and most amazing) success stories that have come out of the Truckers Against Trafficking movement