December 2019

December 2019

Name: Christmas Party Container to Ghana

A few companies got together and donated some goodies for kids in Ghana. On the morning that the container arrived for loading all of the ATL team met at the warehouse to volunteer for a few hours and help pack and sort the books. We then witnessed the container being loaded and it being driven away on route to Savannah.

– VGL supported one of our own in Matilda as well as brightening the day of so many children in Ghana who were ecstatic to receive a book of their very own, sometimes for the first time ever!!

– We supported one of our best customers, Books for Africa, by transporting their books for free because they loaded 11 pallets of books for their own customers in Ghana, alongside the pallets that they donated for the party.

– It was a great bonding experience for the ATL team and reinforced what we are all about as a company.

The container arrived at the final destination, the party venue, on the morning of the party, exactly as scheduled!

To achieve this feat when shipping to Africa is proof positive that these children were being truly blessed for Christmas!

Members who participated: Matilda Arhin, Adrian Purtill, Vasko Popovski, Enrique Alvarez, Nicole Guest, Brittany Brogdon.
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